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Toenail Trimming

I offer this service as an ongoing treatment for your feet. Sometimes it is difficult to care for your own nails whether it be for physical or other reasons. It is imperative to care for nails so other, more serious, issues don’t develop.

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Toe Nail Fungus Treatment

Also known as onychomycosis or tinis pedis or athletes foot.

I can recognize and treat most afflictions, but only those infections that do not infiltrate the lower surfaces of your nail bed.

A thorough assessment will help determine what stage you may have infection.

A referral to a podiatrist may be the next step.

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Diabetic Foot care & wounds

Do not soak your feet ever for any length of time. Never apply lotion between your toes. These may feel lovely but they are very detrimental to your foot health. I offer full education regarding these issues.

As a practicing Foot care RN I can offer full assessment of your feet and treat within my scope of practice. I offer a full assessment of your feet and if necessary will refer you to the appropriate health professional(s).

Proper education and preventative measures may decrease your risk for ulcerations and further complications.

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Treatment of warts, corns and calluses

I will diminish your calluses with a gentle debridement technique.
Any corn affliction I will remove the centre core thereby decreasing pressure. With a footwear assessment and recommendation together we can prevent occurrences.
Plantar warts can be painful. I want to help you with that.

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